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Based on a lifetime of training, Professor Harold "Harry" Glackin developed a system of martial arts he referred to simply as GOSHINDO, meaning "the way of self-defense."
Under the Academy of Martial Arts, we continue to preserve and pass forward Sensei's legacy of dedication to the martial arts today.
Goshindo students here at the Academy will be instructed primarily in Karate, based on Shotokan kata forms and including Goju-ryu techniques.
In honor of Sensei's passion for Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, emphasis on the "gentle" arts are necessarily included in helping to form our understanding of self-defense.
As such, we adhere to the tradition of Karate being for defense only, to protect ourselves and others when needed.
It is our belief that Goshindo, or "the way of self-defense," therefore, occurs in the many choices we make prior to any conflict that may arise.
After all, an empty hand, as in Kara-Te, is best used when reaching out to someone else in need.  If our training can lead to a safer, more respectful society, then we have succeeded in our mission.
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