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North Jersey Bujinkan Buyu



North Jersey Bujinkan Buyu (NJBB) is the Ninja (aka Shinobi) Division at the Academy of Martial Arts - Clifton Budokan, under the Bujinkan Association of Japan; Our goal is to preserve the traditional martial arts taught by Masaaki Hatsumi Soke, in a non-competitive atmosphere. NJBB's training program is in accordance with the Bujinkan's yearly theme with a great emphasis in the Shinobi school system.

NJBB's training emphasize in the Togakure-Ryū Ninpō (戸隠流忍), ancient Shinobi school from the Togakushi area in Nagano Prefecture, with special attention in the Bujinkan system foundation:

  • Taihen Ukemi Gata: Body skills including breakfalls, rolls, jumps, etc.

  • Sanshin no Kata: Set of movements to evade and strike during a fight.

  • Kihon Happou Gata: Basic methods of close combat.

  • Togakure Ryū Happō Biken: Methods of using the Ninja sword.

  • Shurikenjutsu: Throwing concealed weapons known as shuriken. 


Traditional weapons such as Swords (Tachi, Katana, Ninjato) long and short wood sticks (Hambo, Jo, Bo), knives (tanto), throwing weapons (darts, arrows, etc.), are also part of the NJBB members curriculum. 

Bujinkan Association of Japan

Bujinkan (武神館 - The Hall of the Divine Warrior) is an international martial arts organization based in Noda, Japan and headed by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (Soke), who inherited nine ancient martial arts traditions (koryū 古流 or kobujutsu 古武術) which include three Ninjutsu Schools, transferred to him in the middle of the 20th Century by his teacher Takamatsu Toshitsugu.


The Bujinkan system is recognized worldwide as an authentic Ninjutsu (忍術) school, but the style is generally called Budō Taijutsu (武道体術), because the training is focus on the combat skills from 6 of the 9 ancient lineages (流派 - Ryūha) under Sōke (宗家 - Head of the family) Hatsumi Masaaki.

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